The French CyclOpe Report 2017, “East Wind, West Wind” will be published on May 15


31th Report on the Cycles and Trends of Products and Trade

Beyond the civil wars and geopolitical tensions that mark the planet, the world scene is recomposing itself around two major poles, the United States and China: the United States of Donald Trump, who is close to yielding to the temptation of protectionism, and the China of Xi Jin Ping, who has become a eulogist for globalization, while also affirming his country’s power in global markets.
The shocks of these East / West winds, to cite the title of Pearl S. Buck’s first novel, have largely determined the global situation in 2016 and 2017.
The thirty-first CyclOpe report deals with all these issues, but also their consequences on commodities and commodity markets, whether they concern OPEC agreements, Chinese agricultural policy, or the impact of climate change, etc.

CyclOpe, which has been published since 1986 under the direction of Philippe Chalmin and since 2016 under the direction of Philippe Chalmin and Yves Jégourel, brings together a team of more than 60 associates from around the world to provide an in-depth analysis of these markets that are reshaping the world.

It will be available for sale in French and in English (on june), under the heading memberships
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