The French CyclOpe Report 2018, “Der Himmel lacht ! Die Erde jubilieret”
will be published on May 16


32th Report on the Cycles and Trends of Products and Trade

‘Heaven Smiles, The Earth Rejoices’, the title of Johann Sebastian Bach’s cantata BWV 31,
is a good illustration of the world economy and its markets as described in the thirty-second CyclOpe report.

Virtually all economies on the planet have found their way back to growth and shaken
off the final dregs of the 2008 crisis. The markets themselves have rebounded sharply.

However, more than a year into Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States and
with the strengthening of Russian, Chinese and Indian leadership, political tensions have
by no means been quelled.

Produced since 1986 by a team of sixty experts united around Philippe Chalmin, Professor
at Paris-Dauphine University, and Yves Jégourel of the University of Bordeaux, CyclOpe presents
an analysis of all these tensions through the prism of the global raw materials and commodities
markets – in the broadest sense, from art to zirconium.


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