The CyclOpe Report 2019, “Lost illusions” is published

33th Report on the Cycles and Trends of Products and Trade

In only a few months, euphoria has given way to anxiety: anxiety over the slowdown in global economic growth, the crisis in some emerging economies, the doubts about China and India. Anxiety also in the face of geopolitical and commercial uncertainties, confronted with this new logic of conflict in which the United States of Donald Trump is engaged.
Anxiety and doubts also about the disorder of a globalisation without governance other than through exchanges of force.
This is a time of ‘Lost Illusions’, to use the title of the work of Balzac, which summarizes well the issues of the 2019 CyclOpe report and that the reader will find in the course of the analyses devoted to the major markets of the planet—to the world of commodities in the broadest sense—which remains one of the best keys to reading global geopolitical tensions.
Written since 1986 by a team of about 60 experts under the direction of Philippe Chalmin (University of Paris-Dauphine) and Yves Jégourel (University of Bordeaux), published in French, English and Chinese, CyclOpe offers an exhaustive vision of world markets, from apples to zirconium and from art to the sports market. Published in French and English, CyclOpe has the support of numerous French and international companies and institutions.

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