The CyclOpe Report 2020, ‘L’Allegoria ed Effetti del Buono e del Cattivo Governo’ will be released on June 9 and will be presented during a press conference call
Tuesday, June 9, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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34th Report on the Cycles and Trends of Products and Trade

About ten years before the Black Death ravaged Europe in 1348, the Sienese painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti decorated the Council Chamber of the Public Palace in Siena with frescoes depicting good and bad government. This work, entitled ‘L’Allegoria ed Effetti del Buono e del Cattivo Governo’, the Allegory of the Effects of Bad Government, has been chosen to illustrate the 34th edition of the CyclOpe report on world markets. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, there was great disorder in the world marked by geopolitical tensions, trade wars and the undermining of international treaties.


But the spread of the coronavirus to the entire planet has caused an economic crisis without equivalent since WW2, the markets of which have been a faithful reflection. Concluding at the end of April 2020, CyclOpe presents an initial analysis of these four months of pandemic and crisis, drawing up some perspectives for the economy and the world markets.

As an aside, Ambrogio Lorenzetti died of the plague in 1348…


CyclOpe covers all of the markets from ‘apples to zirconium’ as well as art to sport. It is written by a team of around 60 specialists under the direction of Philippe Chalmin (University Paris-Dauphine) and Yves Jégourel (University of Bordeaux) and is published in French and in English.



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